4th March 2021 19.05

(1) Women’s only – all W/kg http://app.rgtcycling.com/event?code=R363UVRbrX

(2) 3.6W/kg and over http://app.rgtcycling.com/event?code=E0wiPBPz8s

(3) Up to 3.6W/kg http://app.rgtcycling.com/event?code=up8KwmMGQ8

Week 1 Results : 11th February 2021 19.05 – here

Week 2 Results : 18th February 2021 19.05 – here

Week 3 Results : 25th February 2021 19.05 – here

This year’s ELV Winter Series will run on Thursday evenings at 7.05pm on the Hog Hill course on RGT Cycling from Thursday 11th Feb til Thursday 4th March. Races are free to enter and can be raced on basic – i.e. free – RGT membership. We are also running flat crits on the Lee Valley Velopark Circuit on Tuesday nights – details here.

Thanks to Momentum Cycles, Blackmore Cycling Apparel and Biketrax for donating some great prizes for our weekly draw.

There will be three races per week:

(1) 3.6W/kg and over

(2) Up to 3.6W/kg

(3) Women’s only – all W/kg

Results will be posted per race.

Please add your current Zwift category after your name so you can see how you are doing against riders of similar ability. If you don’t ride Zwift you can match your FTP to the right Zwift category here. Stronger B riders should enter the 3.6W/kg race and those who have an FTP below this should enter the lower race. Women can enter any race appropriate to their W/kg.

And if you want to relive last Winter Series’ big speaker vibes, here is a playlist for you: ELV Winter Series Race Playlist

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