Women’s 234

PositionNameClub nameRider statusCategoryPoints
1. Feodora RaynerVelociposseFinished2nd15
2. Jasmine CorneliusLDN-AcademyFinished2nd12
3. Josie PhelanTRASH MILEFinished4th10
4. Iona MitchellBrixton Cycles ClubFinished4th8
5. Helen OldridgeFareham Wheelers Cycling ClubFinished4th6
6. Clare JacksonLDN-AcademyFinished4th5
7. Grace DaviesProject 51Finished2nd4
8. Charlotte HeadLDN-AcademyFinished2nd3
9. Kimmae PaynDulwich Paragon CCFinished4th2
10. Lauren WalkerFinished0
11. Jessica KasiusRomford CCFinished3rd0
12. Alice ConnorVelociposseFinished4th0
13. Stephanie WheatleyFull Gas Racing TeamFinished2nd0
14. Helen BakieBrixton Cycles ClubFinished4th0
15. Eleanor HindCycling Club HackneyFinished4th0
Rosie DayLDN-AcademyDid not start4th0
Amy HarveyBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Did not start2nd0
Larna MorganLee Valley Youth Cycling ClubDid not start4th0
Linda WijlaarsDulwich Paragon CCDid not finish3rd0


PositionNameClub nameRider statusCategoryPoints
1. Charlie Lewis FollowsIslington Cycling ClubFinished2nd15
2. Joseph O’BrienZappi Junior Race TeamFinished2nd12
3. Arthur TyeDulwich Paragon CCFinished2nd10
4. Callum LabordeWheelbase CabTech CastelliFinished2nd8
5. Jamie GostickTeam PB PerformanceFinished2nd6
6. Lance ChildsTAAP EnduraFinished2nd5
7. Finn DuntonProject 51Finished2nd4
8. Benjamin FlatauElitecycling Development TeamFinished2nd3
9. Alexander MonteroLee Velo (South East London)Finished3rd2
10. Alan Jay BrazierFinished2nd1
11. Thomas TimberlakeTRASH MILEFinished2nd0
12. Rian CookFinished0
13. Joseph MartinPrecise Performance RTFinished3rd0
14. Charlie AbrahamLee Valley Youth Cycling ClubFinished2nd0
15. Robert BolwellFinished3rd0
16. Matthew BrownElitecycling Development TeamFinished2nd0
17. William WhiteLondon DynamoFinished3rd0
18. Benjamin MayHutchinson-Brother UKFinished2nd0
19. Colin WardEssex Roads CCFinished3rd0
20. James SherwoodOrwell VeloFinished3rd0
21. Olivier ManghamTEKKERZ CCFinished2nd0
22. Daniel KamereINFLITEFinished3rd0
23. Yani Angelo DjelilCT Luc Wallays – jonge renne…Finished2nd0
24. Benjamin TuchnerTEKKERZ CCFinished2nd0
25. Tim AllenHutchinson-Brother UKFinished2nd0
26. Ben MoodyElitecyclingFinished3rd0
27. Aaron FreemanRichardsons Trek DASFinished2nd0
28. Keke OrthMaldon & District CCFinished2nd0
29. Antonius WubbenFinished2nd0
30. Declan EganKingston Wheelers CCFinished2nd0
31. Connor HignellFinished4th0
32. Michael BriarsWheelsuckersFinished3rd0
33. Dmitrii SlipenkinLondon DynamoFinished3rd0
34. Eladio Gonzalez-LopezVelo Schils – Interbike RTFinished3rd0
35. Connie HayesAWOL- O’SheaFinished1st0
36. Reece PittmanLee Valley Youth Cycling ClubFinished3rd0
37. Sam GilbertWelwyn Wheelers CCFinished3rd0
38. Thomas DawtreyRapha Cycling ClubFinished3rd0
39. Thomas KingRibble rechrg Race TeamFinished2nd0
40. Liam McLaughlinProject 51Finished3rd0
41. Matt ThompsonCystic Fibrosis RaceFinished3rd0
42. John ApplebyAPI-AngliasportFinished2nd0
Joshua BathurstSwitch RacingDid not finish2nd0
Reuban DaveyAbellio – SFA Racing TeamDid not finish2nd0
Nathan DelaneyProject 51Did not finish3rd0
Louis DiganceHart Performance CoachingDid not finish2nd0
Daniel GoodwintrainSharp Development TeamDid not finish2nd0
David GortonHub VéloDid not finish3rd0
Robert GrayDulwich Paragon CCDid not finish2nd0
Piers HigginsonBackstedt Bike Performance JRTDid not finish3rd0
William JonesLondon DynamoDid not finish3rd0
Marius KaunasWatford Velo SportDid not finish4th0
Matthew LittleDid not finish0
Oliver MastersSouthborough & District WhlsDid not finish3rd0
Iain McNaughtCC LondonDid not start2nd0
Daniel ReesAPI-Metrow/Bodyby JRDid not start2nd0
Alfie SalmonHart Performance CoachingDid not finish2nd0
Matt SteelPronto BikesDid not finish3rd0
Benedict ThompsonDid not finish2nd0
Patrick TorrisonElitecyclingDid not start3rd0
Jonathan WilemanAddiscombe CCDid not finish3rd0
Alan WylieMusette Cafe Race TeamDid not finish2nd0

4th cat

PositionNameClub nameRider statusCategoryPoints
1. Dan CoxEast London VeloFinishedN/A0
2. Max BrownThanet RCFinished4th8
3. James O’BrienLea Valley CCFinished4th7
4. Toby FreeArmy Cycling UnionFinished4th6
5. Ben KimberKingston Wheelers CCFinished4th5
6. Simon BriscoeDulwich Paragon CCFinished4th4
7. Douglas DaviesIslington Cycling ClubFinished4th3
8. George AndersonBurnham Cycling Club (BCC)Finished4th2
9. Paul WestacottDulwich Paragon CCFinished4th1
10. James ThompsonLea Valley CCFinished4th1
11. Aaron GreenShaftesbury CCFinishedN/A0
12. Oliver ShoosmithFinished4th0
13. Dylan OddsIslington Cycling ClubFinished4th0
14. Charles SerilasIslington Cycling ClubFinishedN/A0
15. Austen LaingHorsham CyclingFinished4th0
16. Giovanni SechiAthlon CCFinished4th0
Samuel BengeDid not finish4th0
Rufus BevanDulwich Paragon CCDid not finish4th0
Lloyd BuckleyDid not finish4th0
Stanley HarrisonMetropolitan Police CCDid not finish4th0
Luke HowellsDulwich Paragon CCDid not finish4th0
Oliver LoughBrixton Cycles ClubDid not start4th0
Marcus MalysaKingston Wheelers CCDid not finish4th0
Narenkarthic NagarajanRedbridge CCDid not finish4th0
Stephen PatersonArmy Cycling UnionDid not finish4th0
Giuseppe PesLea Valley CCDid not start4th0
Paul RuffyEat Plants Not Pigs CCDid not finish4th0
Owen VidlerHastings & St Leonards CCDid not finish4th0

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