We were blessed with clear skies and fast conditions for the annual ELV hill climb at Mott Street, Epping. Modified machines were spotted at the sign on, including (LFGSS) David Ross’s customised 5.2 kg Cannondale with carbon TT base bars, drilled out single chainring and carbon (no padding!) saddle.


The start list of thirty boasted some strong riders including Simon Warren (author of the 100 climbs series, and veteran / decorated hill climb racer) and Chris Moores from Norwood Paragon, who had finished 6th at the prestigious Bec CC hill climb the week before. Also in the mix was our own rider and last year’s winner Callum Stewart, who had recently come 10th in the Monsal hill climb, one of the toughest events of the season. Last year Callum rode into 38th place at the nationals on Bank Road. David Ross was also signed on; David came second in the ELV event last year, but this season perfected his climbing skills and has taken victories in the Brighton Mitres Open as well as the Kingston, along with a string of other top fives.


The bar was set high from the outset with Freddie Checketts (Rapha CC) and Chris Moores riding close to the 2 minute mark. Callum rode a little shy of his target coming in with a 2:08 before David Ross stormed up the hill (having announced he was just going to go full throttle the whole way up) and finished in a time of 2 mins dead . Maybe another 5 watts next year will see him conquer the hallowed Mott Street 2-minute mark (and relieve Leslie of the £100 she has pledged for the first rider to go under 2 mins at the ELV hill climb). ELV’s Chris Herring rode a fantastic (hill climb debut) time of 2:08 for joint 5th place – maybe we will see some more of Chris H in the 2018 hill climb season. ELV’s Tom Haines just pipped Matt Southerden of Finsbury Park for first veteran, with a time of 2:11.

The Women’s category had some equally strong rides, eventually won by Karen Tostee from Hub Velo who managed to block out the pain and put down the power for a 3:01.

Overall it was a very fast year, with five riders coming in under 2:10 and an ELV club hill climb record of 2:00. ELV are looking forward to some sub-2 minute rides next year!


We would like to thank Alex Chapman for organising the day, and also to all the ELV members who turned out to marshal / help with sign on etc. We would especially like to thank Arthur Harragan of Becontree CC, who does a flawless job of timekeeping for the event every year. And lastly, thanks to High Beach Church for hosting the post race tea and cakes / awards.


Final results:

1 David Ross LFGSS 2:00 ELV hill climb record
2 Freddie Checketts Rapha CC 2:04
3 Chris Moores Norwood Paragon 2:06
4 Callum Stewart ELV 2:08 1st ELV
4 Martin Smith London Phoeonix 2:08
5 Chris Herring ELV 2:09 2nd ELV
6 Tom Haines ELV 2:11 3rd ELV
7 Matt Southeden Finsbury Park CC 2:12
8 Simon Warren Norwood Paragon 2:14
9 John Blight Rapha CC 2:18
10 Javier Simon APL bike 2:22
10 Simon Mac London Phoenix 2:22
11 David Smith ELV 2:27 4th ELV
11 Blake Gravener Islington CC 2:27
12 Pascal Volney London Velo 2:29
13 Filip Dehond ELV 2:30 5th ELV
14 Joel Bransford ELV 2:36 6th ELV
15 David Martin BWCC 2:49
16 Zac Seddon BWCC 2:55
17 Karen Tostee Hub Velo 3:01 1st Woman
18 Miriam Bullock ELV 3:04 2nd Woman
19 Paul Morgan CCH 3:05
20 Vic Moseley MHP 3:09 3rd Woman
21 Danny Roach BWCC 3:14
22 Will Weichhart BWCC 3:23
23 Jim Bromley JR BWCC 3:41
24 Jim Bromley SR BWCC 4:26

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