Series Standings after seven weeks, just one more to go!!!

Entry for the final event available on British Cycling.

Men’s 4th Category

1Chris CourtneyEast London Velo4th19
2William MurtaghRye & District Wheelers4th18
3=Paul TurtonHornchurch Cycle Club4th17
3=Sam Llewellyn-JonesLondon Dynamo4th17
5Ian MiddletonForan CCC4th16
6Rishi AthwalCycling Club Hackney4th15
7=Charles SaltIslington Cycling Club4th13
7=Thomas PerrenPaceline RT4th13
9=David NewbiggingCycling Club Hackney4th12
9=Nicholas TaylorIslington Cycling Club4th12
9=Theodore TadrostrainSharp Club4th12
12Alexander DavisLea Valley CC4th11
13=Jonny BodeyCambridge University CC4th10
13=Caine MacNeilIslington Cycling Club4th10
13=Michael EdmundsVerulam – reallymoving.com4th10
13=Jacob Wiebel4th10
17=James O’HaraIslington Cycling Club4th8
17=Colin RossLea Valley CC4th8
19Michael StimsonMaillot Noir CC4th7
20=Joseph ReevesHerts Rouleur Racing Club4th6
20=Graham McDougallVelo Schils – Interbike RT4th6
22Lewis DixonLea Valley CC4th4
23=Jamie MaidmentEat Plants Not Pigs CC4th3
23=Stacy WhymarkEssex Roads CC4th3
23=Enrico GuizzardiHub Vélo4th3
23=Joseph DelvesLea Valley CC4th3
27=Pritesh PatelAshford Road Cycling Club4th2
27=Giles CornerClapham Chasers Run & Tri Club4th2
27=Paul RuffyEat Plants Not Pigs CC4th2
27=Lee LaveryLea Valley CC4th2
27=Simon ArnoldOxted Cycling Club4th2
32=Damon BondChelmer CC4th1
32=Alex GreenHub Vélo4th1
32=Joshua GuestOxted Cycling Club4th1
32=Jonny CheatleVC Londres4th1

Women’s All Category

1Mathilde PaulsSigma Sports x Threo1st14
2=Amelia HarperLondon Dynamo3rd13
2=Ellen InglisTeam JRC3rd13
4=Joscelin Fusion RT2nd10
4=Caroline SoubayrouxLea Valley CC4th10
4=Alicia SpeakeTeam LDN1st10
7Rebecca HairHiston & Impington Bicycle Club4th9
8=Maddie HeywoodLea Valley CC4th8
8=Helen McKayLes Filles Racing Team2nd8
8=Connie HayesLIV AWOL2nd8
11Elizabeth DanckertArmy Cycling Union4th7
12=Michelle Arthurs-Brennan1904 RT2nd5
12=Vivienne Tomlin1904 RT2nd5
12=Claire HammondTW1 Racing1st5
15=Judit SzarkaDirty Wknd4th4
15=Miriam BullockEast London Velo4th4
15=Olivia PooleIslington Cycling Club4th4
15=Sasha HalseyLondon Dynamo4th4
19=Tamala McGeeAssos Equipe UK2nd3
19=Cindy BerryPower Cycles Ipswich2nd3
19=Rachel DunnVerulam – reallymoving.com2nd3
22Lizzie JenkinsIslington Cycling Club4th2
23=Emma PickeringDulwich Paragon CC3rd1
23=Sonia Chane-SamDulwich Paragon CC4th1
23=Abigail ColesNorth Road CC3rd1
23=Emma DunkSe20 RT4th1
23=Charlotte Halls4th1

Men’s 234 Categories

1Colin PeckChelmer CC2nd33
2Wayne CrombieEast London Velo2nd25
3Alexander HerdLee Valley Youth Cycling Club2nd23
4Thomas WillanPro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team3rd21
5=Thomas ArkellEast London Velo2nd20
5=Timothy TorrieVitus Pro Cycling P/b Brother UK2nd20
7Sean PurserSt Ives CC2nd17
8=Samuel AskerLee Valley Youth Cycling Club2nd16
8=Tom CullenOtley CC2nd16
10=Charles BaileyHillingdon Slipstreamers3rd10
10=Tom PortsmouthSpiderking Soenens2nd10
10=Alex BlomeleyThe 5th Floor Cycle Club2nd10
13Nesta FergusonLee Valley Youth Cycling Club2nd9
14=Joseph BennettFlamme Rouge Cycling Team2nd8
14=Archie PeetWelwyn Wheelers CC3rd8
16=Benjamin BeynonStrada-Sport2nd7
16=Oliver StockwellTeam Ribble2nd7
18=Lewis WhitcombeBIKESTRONG-KTM3rd6
18=Fnan AfewerkiCycling Club Hackney2nd6
18=Sam SouthallTwickenham CC3rd6
21=Edward HalesLondon Dynamo2nd5
21=Milo ChapmanTeam Corley Cycles2nd5
23=Felix BarkerActiveEdge Race Team2nd4
23=Max BoltonLee Valley Youth Cycling Club2nd4
25=Michael ParryGPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes2nd3
25=Zak ButtleIslington Cycling Club3rd3
25=Sam Llewellyn-JonesLondon Dynamo3rd3
25=Adam RobertsonUniversity of Bath Cycling Club2nd3
29=Gregory SmithFinsbury Park CC2nd2
29=Ian FranklinPro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team2nd2
29=Reuben OrrSF Racing3rd2
29=Sam BrownSpartans Velo Club2nd2
29=George WoodTeam JRC3rd2
34=Liam FennerAPI-Metrow/Bodyby JR2nd1
34=George JonesBIKESTRONG-KTM2nd1
34=Daryl MaffeyCC London2nd1
34=Christopher ThomasEast London Velo3rd1
34=Adam StrudwickGPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes2nd1
34=Andy WhaleGPN builders-Rock and Road Bikes2nd1
34=Lewis KempLee Valley Youth Cycling Club4th1
34=Thomas PerrenPaceline RT3rd1
34=Tom Simpson3rd1

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